5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is right around the corner (thankfully), and it is time to do some spring cleaning. No one likes to clean. It is a hassle, takes up a lot time and isn’t always easy. With that being said, it could be much simpler this year! Follow these five easy spring cleaning tips for a quicker and less stressful clean!

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Work room by room – Take it room by room. First the bathrooms, then kitchen, living room, bedrooms (for example). Doing so allows for breaks in between, less stress and more control of the cleaning.
  2. Make a schedule – Make a schedule! Whether it be over the course of a day or several days. This keeps you on track and less stressed.
  3. Newspaper for mirrors and windows – Substitute the paper towel or rag for newspaper! Use whatever window/mirror cleaner that you like. The newspaper leaves no lint or trace behind and doesn’t scratch. Trust us, best window cleaner out there.
  4. Dryer sheets for stove stop – Wet a dryer sheet and put it over any burnt gunk on the stove top. Leave it there for 15 minutes or so before wiping. Then, wipe away the stains like they were never there.
  5. Baking soda, vinegar and rubbing alcohol go a long way! – All of these items have multiple cleaning purposes. Be sure to look each up and do your research as you don’t want to use them on certain surfaces!

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7 Simple Steps to Stain Wood Furniture

Looking to stain old wood furniture? Not only is it a fun DIY project, but it is a good way to keep furniture longer. Staining wood is actual pretty simple! Check out these 7 simple steps.


You will need:

  • Wood stain (duh)
  • A sander or plenty of sand paper
  • A cloth
  • An oil-based clear coat
  • Spray paint stripper
  • Scraper tool

Step One – Apply the Stripper

Apply the spray-paint aerosol stripped all over the surface you will be staining. Once evenly covered, take a break and let it sit for a few minutes (5 minutes will be plenty).

Step Two – Use the Scraper Tool

Use the scrapper tool to get off all of the old stain.

Step Three: Clean and Let Dry

Clear with a damp cloth and then allow it time to completely dry!

Step Four: Sand

Sand the wood down evenly! Be sure it is all smooth before stopping and moving on.

Step Five: Clean Again

Clean it off again, this time just with a dry cloth. The purpose of this is to get all the dust from the sanding off.

Step Six: Apply Stain

Finally, apply the stain! Generally, people prefer to do this using a staining pad which are easy and affordable to purchase! Look for other ideas on Pinterest if for some reason you can’t get the staining pad! There are plenty of DIY options. Use long, even strokes for the best result.

Step Seven: Clean One More Time

With a clean and dry cloth, remove the excess stain from the surface! Then, just let dry and the project is completed.

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Tips for Painting Old or Used Furniture

Looking to purchase a used piece of furniture such as a table, desk, or cabinets to paint? Or maybe you already own something old and you want to refurbish it. Awesome! Painting furniture is an awesome way to make it unique to the owner without the expenses of purchasing something new. Before you get started, check out these tips!

  1. Clean – Be sure to thoroughly clean the item you plan to paint! This is an important step that can’t be skipped. If skipped, the paint will bubble, peel and not look right. Get any dust and dirt off the surfaces before painting.
  2. Sand and Paint – Next, sand every inch of the furniture. This makes the smoothest surface possible to allow for even painting. Then, you can get to painting! Make sure to use primer first and then a permanent, waterproof paint.
  3. Protect – After painted sand again and put a protective layer on. Paint protection can be bought at any hardware store.

Just three simple steps! Yes, it really is that easy! If you choose to do a project like this, feel free to share your photos with us on Corporate Rentals Clearance Center’s Facebook page. Also, if you are still searching for some gently used furniture, we have you covered on that front as well.

Photo source: DIY Network

Small Apartment Storage Hacks

Small apartments are great! They are affordable, cozy and perfect for those new to the renting scene (yes, we are talking to all you recent college grads!). The issue with small apartments is finding space for all your stuff! Whether the apartment is a small one bed or a studio, storage is almost always an issue. With that being said, follow these tips for storage and live stress (and clutter) free!

  1. Under bed – There are spacers to lift up the bed higher when needed! Under the bed storage is great for suitcases, clothes, or any other items that you don’t need on a daily basis.
  2. Closet pegs or shoe hangers – Plenty of items are out there allow for shoes to be hung on the back of the closet door. Doing so will allow for plenty of floor space for storage.
  3. Vacuum seal storage bags – These are a perfect way to store clothes or items that can be put away for a while. For example, in winter, store summer clothes in the vacuum sealed bags.
  4. DIY book shelves – Bookshelves can be made from many different items including old dresser drawers, small wood crates, ladders and more. This is a great way to add extra storage place at a low cost.
  5. Peg board – Consider adding a peg board(s) are the apartment. These can be colorful to add design and flare. In addition, pegs can be useful to hold photos, kitchen dishes and appliances, shoes, clothes and so much more.
  6. Command hooks – Command hooks are another great item to hang on the back of doors or on walls. Purses, towels, and towels are just some of the many items that can be hung on the hooks to save space.

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