7 Simple Steps to Stain Wood Furniture

Looking to stain old wood furniture? Not only is it a fun DIY project, but it is a good way to keep furniture longer. Staining wood is actual pretty simple! Check out these 7 simple steps.


You will need:

  • Wood stain (duh)
  • A sander or plenty of sand paper
  • A cloth
  • An oil-based clear coat
  • Spray paint stripper
  • Scraper tool

Step One – Apply the Stripper

Apply the spray-paint aerosol stripped all over the surface you will be staining. Once evenly covered, take a break and let it sit for a few minutes (5 minutes will be plenty).

Step Two – Use the Scraper Tool

Use the scrapper tool to get off all of the old stain.

Step Three: Clean and Let Dry

Clear with a damp cloth and then allow it time to completely dry!

Step Four: Sand

Sand the wood down evenly! Be sure it is all smooth before stopping and moving on.

Step Five: Clean Again

Clean it off again, this time just with a dry cloth. The purpose of this is to get all the dust from the sanding off.

Step Six: Apply Stain

Finally, apply the stain! Generally, people prefer to do this using a staining pad which are easy and affordable to purchase! Look for other ideas on Pinterest if for some reason you can’t get the staining pad! There are plenty of DIY options. Use long, even strokes for the best result.

Step Seven: Clean One More Time

With a clean and dry cloth, remove the excess stain from the surface! Then, just let dry and the project is completed.

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Photo source: DIY Network