Top 5 Places to Live in D.C.

Looking to move to the Washington D.C. area? You have stumbled upon our guide of top 5 places to live in the area! The spots listed below are in no particular order, but are all popular and thriving places to live in the district.

Top 5 Places to Live in D.C.

Foggy Bottom – Foggy Bottom has a metro stop for easy access to work and traveling the city! It is located not far from Georgetown and has a large population for a D.C. neighborhood (11,000 + people). Also, the public schools have an impressive A- rating in the area if you have a family.

Georgetown – Georgetown is known of course for the beautiful and highly rated college, but it is also a great neighborhood to live in (for students and young working professionals). If you want to live in the city, but prefer a more urbanized feel, this is the right spot!

Dupont Circle – Dupont Circle is known for young professionals. It has plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants to enjoy. This area is right near the beautiful Embassies which is allows for great walks!

Penn Quarter – Located practically overlapping China Town! This located is prime. Great architecture, home values, bars, food and more. What else could one ask for?

Adams Morgan – Adams Morgan is the spot for nightlife, art lovers, eaters and more! It is another great small and lit up neighborhood in D.C. to check out.

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Photo source: Washington D.C.